Gikenke District, Northern Rwanda, Africa

Rwanda has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Their capital of Kigali is a tech and education leader in their region. If you travel outside the major cities of Rwanda, you'll see a different reality. There are only a few opportunities to earn a living wage and even fewer educational opportunities to empower the next generation of Rwanda's leaders. We partner with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company to impact rural coffee farming communities. For us, impacting Rwanda starts in our lobby. For every 30lbs of coffee we drink on Sundays, the Rwandan farmer who grew it receives a month of income.

We send several Go Teams every year to do community development in the villages that grow our coffee. We assist the GS Bwenda Primary and Secondary School with resources and English education to empower students to attend a university. We also partner with Hope International to train their savings groups in entrepreneurship. Hope International uses their own collectively saved funds to offer loans to start businesses that will benefit their communities. We also have partnerships with a local hospital and clinics to train Community Health Workers and, in 2019, we'll be launching multi-denominational partnerships to train rural pastors in Rwanda.

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