Most of us get to a point where we realize we need someone to help us move to the next stage of our journey. Whether we need an expert with information we don't have, a role model to show us how, or a friend to listen and encourage us, relationships are a key part of our growth. We hope you will make friends at East Lake who will who challenge and encourage you spiritually. Sometimes, however, you need a special relationship to meet a particular spiritual need in your life. Sometimes this need is met through a small group; sometimes it involves getting into counseling; sometimes it means finding a spiritual mentor. Whenever you are ready for this kind of help, don’t be afraid to ask. We’ll do everything we can to find someone to help you take your next step.

Small Groups
Joining a small group is the best way to make friends with others who are interested in encouraging each other to live out their faith in Jesus on a daily basis. Find a group
If issues from your past are holding you back from full spiritual health, consider making an appointment with one of our counselors. Our affordable fee structure guarantees anyone can get help. Contact our Counseling Pastor to set up an appointment.