Rob Townshend Sermons

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Christ-Followers Are Forgivers

As humans, we seem to cherish our “right” to exact proper vengeance on those who wrong us. But shouldn’t the church be different? What does real forgiveness and reconciliation look like?

Christ-Followers Are Tested

We often struggle to understand how difficulties in life can be good for us. The book of James teaches that trials are not only helpful but can be opportunities for us to experience the goodness of God.

You Don't Have to Defend Yourself

The world teaches that vindication and power will bring peace to those who suffer. However, the Bible teaches that true peace is only found when we cultivate attitudes that come as a result of full submission to God. How can we truly live out this upside-down concept?

The Way to Parent

God is a good Father who cares for His children and has given us the parent-to-child relationship as a reminder of how the Father loves us. It is his desire that parents are the most Important pastor in the life of their child.

The Way to Disagree

It seems that the days of being able to disagree with someone and yet still find common ground are behind us. As we look at our social media, cable news, and even to our own close relationships, we likely see negative, argumentative and uncivil disagreement ruling the day. God calls us to a different way.


We've all felt the excitement of starting a new job, a workout program, a home project, or even a new relationship. We're also all familiar with the challenges that come with finishing well. The life of King Solomon serves as a cautionary tale that no matter how well you begin, it really only matters how you end.

Is the Bible Literally True?

We all have questions. But when it comes to God, the church or the Bible, those questions too often go unasked and unanswered. That should not be. In this series, we will explore some of the most pressing questions people ask about spiritual things in order to provide answers that help us live lives that honor God. Today we will begin by asking, "Is the Bible Literally True?"

How Is God Three In One?

Let’s be honest, the concept of the Trinity is mind-blowing. Although initially confusing, understanding this doctrine helps us know the character, love, and grace of God.

Psalm 91

Today, we'll celebrate Father's Day together by diving into Psalm 91 and asking, "What's really in a name?"

Psalm 100

Our little East Lakers have been hard at work memorizing Psalm 100 for several weeks! Join us for a special family service as we unpack the lessons for our lives from this song of praise.

Psalm 13

When God seems most distant, is often when He is closest. David learned this lesson throughout his life and Psalm 13 is a glimpse into his personal lament along with the great hope he found in God.

Psalm 27

This summer, we journeyed through the Psalms and discovered a ton about ourselves and God. Psalm 27 sums up the key lessons we've learned and reminds us that God's got this.

Family Service

This past week, we invited our little East Lakers in for a special worship service to celebrate our big, powerful and awesome God together!

Led By the Holy Spirit

This week, we began a series that will remind us of the power that fuels God's restorative work in our world. We will look to the New Testament church to learn unchanging truths about who we are called to be, no matter the season.