Ray Washington Sermons

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God's Got This

We may have sung, "He's got the whole world in his hands," when we were children, but do we actually live like we believe it? Join us as we learn about Daniel's unwavering confidence in God in the face of difficulties.

Peace Means Holy Rest

In the midst of your preparations for the day we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, are you missing out on the very peace that He brings? Join us to learn the art of being in His peace even during the busy seasons of life.

The Way to Live

Many things in our world compete for our attention, all of them offering a way to define ourselves and live a fulfilling life. Philosophies and religions have tried to offer answers for centuries. More recently, celebrities, diets and exercise routines have tried to make us disciples of their respective pathway. But there is still only One who has the words of life, and He is the only one to whom we should go.


We all love a good listener. We understand that when someone listens well, they are doing far more than hearing the words coming out of our mouth- they seem to always know how to respond. Check out this week's message to learn about a king who listened and responded well to the word of God.

Was Jesus More Than Just a Good Man?

Who is Jesus to you? Join us at 9:30 and 11 a.m. as we talk about whether Jesus was more than just a good man.

Psalm 1

This summer, we will study some of our favorite psalms and learn how to engage with God through every season of life! Join us today as we begin with a look at Psalm 1.

Psalm 23

When faced with a tough decision or circumstance, what is your initial response? Life is a series of peaks and valleys and how we face them will greatly reveal who we are.

Psalm 85

There is a secret to going through hard times, and Psalm 85 gives us a blueprint for doing it well.

Psalm 86

Remember when you were young how you would call out to your parents or older siblings whenever you felt threatened or were hurting? As an adult, who is your go-to? Who do you call when debt, work, relationships, or health issues overwhelm you?

Psalm 139

Have you ever felt like, "they just don't get me?" Chances are, they actually don’t. But someone does. Come learn what God really thinks of you.

Know the Word of God Personally

We are called to know the Word of God personally as a church and as individuals. If the Holy Spirit fuels God's mission in redeeming our world, His Word shows us how and why we get to be apart of it.

Shares the Love of God Generously

One thing is true about all of us: we share parts of our lives intentionally and unintentionally with others. But is what we’re sharing making other's lives better or worse?

The Talk: Racism to Gracism

This week, we will begin our series with the end in mind by looking at the book of Revelations. We will explore a beautiful picture of people from every color, class, and culture worshipping together at the throne of God. We must keep this God-given picture in mind when we pray the way Jesus instructed: "Let your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Join us as we begin to unpack what it looks like to be a diverse and grace-filled people, reflective of the very heart of God.

I Will Lift You Up

There is a cost to everything in life. Loving your neighbor like you love yourself will cost you, too. But how much? Check out Sunday's message and join us as we continue to unpack what it looks like to be a diverse and grace-filled people, reflective of the very heart of God.

I Will Honor You

This weekend, we honor our country's heroes for their sacrificial service. As we recognize our veterans, we will unpack the ways that Gracism invites us to honor the lowliest in our society, as well. Check out Sunday's message and join us as we learn how we can glorify God by honoring one another.

I Will Consider You

This week, we'll take a look at King David's example of extravagant grace and learn what it means to consider others like a true Gracist.

Invitation to Worship

What can we learn about worship from the three wise men that came bearing gifts for Jesus? Check out Sunday's message to find out more!

East Lake Family Service

This week, East Lakers big and small joined together in worship for a special family service and a look ahead to 2020.

Jesus Is The Way To God

In a day where we follow everyone from fitness experts, pop culture icons, politicians, and food bloggers, Jesus invites us to follow Him, too. But what does He offer that all the others can’t and don’t? Check out Sunday's message to find out.

The Poor

If Jesus lived in South Carolina, what would He observe in our culture, way of thinking, living, and serving? Would he say, “Bless your heart?" Check out Sunday's message to hear the first message of our new series exploring the Beatitudes.

The Peacemakers

Peacemaking has become more popular than the clarion call to believers to be peacemakers. As our nation continues to show more signs of disunity than unity, let's unpack what it means for us to be the peacemakers Jesus said are Blessed.

The Persecuted

Jesus says we are blessed when we are persecuted, but the line to check that out is always short, and volunteers are few. What is it, about following Him that garners His encouragement for the persecuted? Come check out the why and be encouraged for the week!

On What He's Done

As a culture, we’ve probably have seen hundreds, if not thousands of movies, but have you ever seen one as an adult that you view it totally differently than you did as a child/youth? This weekend let’s FOCUS on the PASSOVER and why was this time different for JESUS (and us) than all the others.

Focus on the Resurrection

Have you ever watched a movie as an adult that you watched as a child and saw it in a totally different light? This weekend let’s FOCUS on the RESURRECTION and why this time was different for JESUS (and us) than all the others.

Say Yes to Jesus!

It has been said that everyone has a price. Jesus approached a band of misfits and presented them with a dare to follow Him and turn the world upside down. What would it take for you to seriously follow Jesus?

Don't Worry

We have enough worries to last us a lifetime, but surely, we don’t want to spend our lifetimes worrying, so what should we do with them? I DARE YOU to log on, tune in this coming Sunday to trade your worries for God’s peace.

To Pass the Test

Remember the Emergency Broadcasting System that would come on while you were watching your favorite TV show, totally interrupting what you were dedicated to focusing on?

Prayer for Guidance

No one, I mean no one likes to be lost. Whether that’s moving to a new school, job, or city we find comfort in being familiar with where we are. One could argue we are back here as a country and culture because we are lost, so let’s gather to pray for God’s guidance.

Prayer for Boldness

Our courage is reliant on the biblical grounding of our prayers in God’s ultimate sovereignty. Our relationship with GOD has to become THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP in our life or we’ll lose.

Prayers for the Sins of a Nation (2)

James 5:16…….says the prayers of a righteous man avail/accomplish much. Throughout the Bible we see examples of how when God's people prayed amazing things happened. What if we became known as a church that prayed, and people witnessed God moving in might ways as we prayed?

Why This & Why Now?

What exactly did Jesus mean when He said "the poor you shall have with you always?" We want to be a church of people who understand our own brokenness, and Jesus’s plan to redeem each of us so that we might be able to help others without hurting those He desires us to reach.

What is Poverty?

What exactly did Jesus mean when He said "the poor you shall have with you always?" We want to be a church of people who understand our own brokenness, and Jesus’s plan to redeem each of us so that we might be able to help others without hurting those He desires us to reach.

Will We Solve the Poverty Issue?

Sometimes we need a little help from our friends to get what we truly need in life. This week our Family Ministry team will help us understand how the faith of four friends created an opportunity for their friend that caused many people to praise Jesus!


Telestrations is the modern-day depictions of the telephone game where we are challenged to communicate the original communicators message to others. Christ called us to follow Him, become and make disciples, but is that what we’ve made to date? We unpack what really is a disciple, and what do they do?


I don’t know about you, but I play Monopoly for keeps. I mean I need to get all the Rail Roads, the two blocks besides DO NOT PASS GO, then...you catch my strategy. But if I live that way, is the love of Christ really in me? We look at how winning in Christ looks very differently than winning in Monopoly.

The Heart of God

If God is the Father of all creation, when He said “Let Us make man in our image and our likeness, what exactly did that mean? Are we anything like our Father or nothing like our Father? Let's find out the answers to these questions.

Our Heart Problems

The No. 1 leading cause of death in all the world is heart disease. Pastor Ray goes so far to say the leading cause of spiritual death is (a deceitful) heart disease. You know one that is bent towards giving a dishonest or false impression of reality. There’s really only one solution to remedying this serious malady. We pray you tune in to hear the solution to OUR HEART PROBLEMS.

Simple Christmas

What was the so special about the first Christmas that it captivated so many around the globe, that it’s still celebrated today? Was it gathering with others? Was it your family’s favorite dishes or gift expectations? Whatever it was, has it gotten lost in all of the commercialism and change of Covid? How do we get that back……let’s all figure it out together this Sunday.

2020 A Year IN/TO REVIEW

2020 the year of many losses from plans & dreams, to jobs, and loved ones but what did we learn? That will be the question we must all answer in order to confidently face 2021. I pray you join us as we unpack how GOD's favored & enslaved people face a brand new world