Michelle Trayers Sermons

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I Will Stand With You

Jesus stood with people who were marginalized: tax collectors, women, foreigners, and lepers. Join us as we explore how to imitate His example by standing with people who are not like us.

What Is the Big Tent?

There is room for diversity of many kinds in the Christian faith. Come and learn about a value we like to call “The Big Tent” and discover that there is a place for you!

To Seek God, To Pray, To Fast

Prayer is arguably the most important discipline we engage in as Christ followers. It is also intimidating, misunderstood, and even exploited. Yet, if we understand it correctly, it is simple, effective, and centering. Join us and learn that Jesus taught prayer was intensely practical. Understand what to expect when you pray and discover how fasting can help you to stay focused in prayer.

Prayer for Blessing

Whether you prayed for a blessing, or not do you realize that we are blessed? As we RE-GATHER, we believe it’s important to take the summer to simply begin or continue a spiritual discipline that will be necessary for each of us as we figure out this new normal. I pray you consider praying PRAYERS THAT AVAIL the challenges of life.

Teach Us to Pray

The Lord's Prayer

Prayer for Justice

How do we pray when the news goes from bad to worse and the future is unknown? Come and learn from Habakkuk how to align yourself with God’s plan and live in his grace.

Building Bridges Where God is Already Working

As we seek to serve & share the Gospel with the people around it's important for all of us to understand what their practical needs are as well as recognize that GOD has been at work long before we showed up. So, as followers of Christ how do we join in where God is working without doing harm to those He loves?