Dawson Huss Sermons

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Building Codes

Do you feel like no matter how hard you work, you are just spinning your wheels without getting anywhere? The Bible says that this may be a sign that we are working the wrong way, or after the wrong things. Read today's verses from Proverbs 12:11 on YouVersion or on page 445 in the Bibles we provide.

Why Worship?

We sing in the shower, we sing in the car, and we sing along to our favorite songs at a concert. But why do we sing at church? Churchgoers have been singing together for thousands of years, and today we’ll give you one good reason to keep the tune going.

Why Serve?

Your time is incredibly valuable. Studies show that last year, 62.8 million Americans gave 7.9 billion hours of their time to volunteer. With so many other people stepping up, why should you? Join us at 9:30 and 11 a.m. to discover one good reason to serve.

Jesus is God

Was Jesus a good teacher, a prophet, or just plain crazy? Jesus claimed that he was God. Today, we'll unpack the first tent pole of the Big Tent and learn why it matters that we believe Jesus is exactly who he said he is. Read today's verses from Colossians 1:13-22 on YouVersion on page 619 in the Bibles we provide.

Generous With Others

Is generosity defined by the amount of zeroes on the check or by the value of our time and services? Today, we'll explore how Jesus' measurement of a generous life is something much harder to quantify. Read today's verses from Matthew 6:1-4 on YouVersion or on page 678 in the Bibles we provide.

God Fights My Battles

Just when the Israelites had never felt so hopeless, God intervened and fought their battle for them one remarkable plague at a time. While God's escape plan for his people could have been far easier, He chose to fight for something much greater than Israel’s freedom alone. Read today's verses from Exodus 7:14-10:29 on YouVersion or on page 43 in the Bibles we provide.


When the going gets tough, the tough…surrender? What if God wants us to pass through our trials instead of resist them? Today we will look at a king from the Bible who surrendered when others chose to stand and fight. In a unique twist, his surrender turned out to be his salvation. Read today's verses Jeremiah 21:8-10 on YouVersion or on page 532 in the Bibles we provide.


You have a secret. There is a skeleton in your closet. What if you didn’t have to hide anymore? What if everything you are covering up could be wiped clean? Read today's verses from Psalm 32 on YouVersion or in one of the Bibles we provide.

God Sustains

When difficult circumstances come our way, we often try to figure out the fastest and easiest way around our problems. But when times get tough, we may be right where God wants us to be. Read today's verses from Jeremiah 29:4-14 on YouVersion or in one of the Bibles we provide.

Jesus Goes Public

Coronations, inaugurations, and grand openings. The start of something new is a big deal. When the Son of God launched his ministry, he forsook a great fanfare for a place in line at the water's edge. Read today's verses from Matthew 3:13-17 on YouVersion or in one of the Bible's we provide.

The Church Is Powerful

Before he ascended to Heaven, Jesus gave the church its mission, but the task seemed overwhelming. How could the disciples ever hope to adequately carry on the mission of the very Son of God? The answer came in the gift of the Holy Spirit – the very presence of God for every believer.

Christ-Followers Are Purchased

The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus “ransomed” us. That means that He paid a price that had to be paid for us to be set free. Only, the price tag on us didn't contain a dollar sign; the only way we could be released from our debt was to die. Do you think you are worth dying for?

Christ-Followers Are Trusting

"You've just got to have faith." For better or worse, this is often the answer given for difficult questions in Christian circles. But is it just a cop-out? What do you do when faith feels like foolishness?

Live In and Not Of

Today we will look at the life of Daniel to explore the idea of compromise. How do we simultaneously remain loyal to God and friendly toward our friends, family members, and coworkers that do not acknowledge Him?

How To Be a Loser

As we head into 2019, many of us make plans to accomplish more, climb higher, and go farther. But Jesus said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all." What does this mean and how do we reconcile it with our own goals and desires?


We all know that the Bible tells us to obey God, but why? What is the point of obedience? Is God just an egomaniac who demands obedience or else?

Psalm 51

When King David hit rock bottom, he didn't justify, blame or bury himself in denial. Psalm 51 shows us that he pled for mercy. Today, we will look at his desperate cry and find our own need hidden in this powerful psalm.

Psalm 145

The Bible calls us to love God, but it’s hard to understand how to love someone we can’t see. Psalm 145 was written from the heart of a man who was truly and deeply in love with God, and it serves as a road map for our own hearts to emulate.

Psalm 124

Where was God when _______________________? In Psalm 124, David looks in the rear view mirror and recognizes that God was on His side.

Lives the Truth of God Collectively

Throughout the entire Bible, a decision to follow God meant becoming a member of His family, but being a Christian in America is usually an individual pursuit. What responsibility do you bear for building up the body of Christ? What body part are you?

I Will Cover You

What's their problem? Don’t you sometimes think that things would be a little better if they would just think or act a little more like us? Check out Sunday's message to explore why the Bible says this way of thinking is actually part of the problem and not the solution.

Invitation to Humble Ourselves

If it were up to you to spread the word about the birth of the savior of the entire world, how would you do it? Join us to find out about the best worst media strategy in history and what it teaches us about God's priorities.

The Bible Is The Word of God

His truth. Her truth. Your truth. Can any of us really know what is true? Wouldn't it be nice if someone told us? But whose word can you trust? Check out Sunday's message to find out more.

The Mourners, the Hungry, and the Thirsty

How can mourning be "blessed"? This Beatitude challenges our traditional understanding of this familiar part of Jesus' teaching. How can our pursuit of happiness sometimes get in the way of our pursuit of what God wants to give us?

We Love God Through Investing in Who He Too Loves

We are all weary from having to do things during COVID we don’t want to do in ways we don’t want to do them. How can we motivate ourselves to help and to give when we are all weary of denying ourselves?

The Best Bad News

Have you ever asked yourself, “How did I get here?” Don’t you sometimes wish you could see the future so that you could make the best choices in the present? It turns out that Jesus sent John a message from the future so that you and I can live a life free from regret.

Answering the Call

“I love my neighbors, right?” Don’t pat yourself on the back too quickly. Jesus once told a story about loving a neighbor who nobody wanted to love and told us to do the same.

The End of the Law

What if trying to be good actually got in the way of what Jesus came to do? What if the harder we chase after righteousness we were actually getting further away from it? Come and accept the risk of the free and radical favor of God in Jesus.

God the Creator

We like to think we are more advanced than ancient cultures but are we? Find out how we get stuck in ancient ways of relating to God and why a biblical understanding of God is essential to the gospel.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

A Tale of Women

“Have you ever had trouble knowing the difference between what you should do and what you shouldn’t do? Proverbs 9 asks us to ponder what we can do when wisdom and foolishness look and sound the same.

The Wisdom of One Man & One Woman

“Every choice is a spiritual choice with spiritual consequences - to walk inside or outside of God’s boundaries. What does this mean for our enjoyment of sex?”

I Will Share with You.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and sometimes it feels unfair when I am asked to give something of mine to someone who needs it. Whether it’s my time, my stuff, or my money – it's all valuable to me. Does God really expect me to say, “I will share with you” to everyone who comes my way?

Gifted to Serve

For many, following Jesus is about going to Heaven when we die. But what if God created each of us on purpose for a purpose here on earth, right now? How might it change your perspective of yourself and your life if God handpicked you to accomplish a special mission?


Have you ever found it hard to keep hope alive? God’s people had almost lost hope the Messiah would ever come. Find out what they hoped he would do and why it was so important they keep their hope in him alive.

My Portion

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop working so hard and worrying so much to “get what’s mine”? Psalm 16 provides the secret to exiting life in the fast lane and parking ourselves in gratitude and contentment.

Word of Redemption

“God’s work in our lives always begins with His Word of Redemption coming to us. But how do we respond when His Word comes, and will we lose hope when things get worse before they get better?”

The Red Sea

What did Jesus mean when He said the Kingdom of Heaven had come? I can't find that kingdom on a map. Listen to learn what it means that the King came into His Kingdom at Easter and how to identify the coming of that kingdom in your own life.


God is in the business of changing lives. Celebrate what God is doing in the lives of the East Lake community.