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Where did we come from.

Elder Chris Buck and Pastor Philip Oswald discuss the beginning of East Lake community Church.

Why are we here?

In 1966 the show Mission Impossible debuted on CBS and ran for 14 seasons. Its point? There’s a mission that would seem impossible to the audience, with forces working against you, except there is a team of people working towards the success of the mission and each week we got to see the success of the team through different missions. East Lake has had a mission, that is centuries old, and so are the opponents of it….the question is are you living on HIS mission? Join us as we talk about the MISSION, VISION & US!

Our Values

In order to accomplish a mission or reach a vision, we must define what the core values are essential to make those a reality. At East Lake we have some core values that focus on intentionally loving well. Join us this week as we look at the map laid out before us by the Lord.

Take Initiative

At East Lake We value families and this week our family ministry team walks us through part of the story of Nehemiah. Nehemiah is an example of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things to advance God’s kingdom. We hope you will be challenged to do your part to advance His kingdom here, near, and far.