We See A Church Sermons

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Led By the Holy Spirit

This week, we began a series that will remind us of the power that fuels God's restorative work in our world. We will look to the New Testament church to learn unchanging truths about who we are called to be, no matter the season.

Know the Word of God Personally

We are called to know the Word of God personally as a church and as individuals. If the Holy Spirit fuels God's mission in redeeming our world, His Word shows us how and why we get to be apart of it.

Lives the Truth of God Collectively

Throughout the entire Bible, a decision to follow God meant becoming a member of His family, but being a Christian in America is usually an individual pursuit. What responsibility do you bear for building up the body of Christ? What body part are you?

Shares the Love of God Generously

One thing is true about all of us: we share parts of our lives intentionally and unintentionally with others. But is what we’re sharing making other's lives better or worse?

Pursues Unity at All Costs

In His final hours before the cross, Jesus prayed that His present and future followers would experience complete unity. This week, we will conclude our We See a Church series by exploring the blessings that come from unity as followers of Jesus and the damage that disunity can cause.