Thrive Sermons

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Thriving in Babylon

Many people look around at the world and see it changing...and not always for the better. In the midst of cultural changes and moral shifts, it is easy to get disillusioned. But God put His followers in the world, not to struggle, but to THRIVE.

Live In and Not Of

Today we will look at the life of Daniel to explore the idea of compromise. How do we simultaneously remain loyal to God and friendly toward our friends, family members, and coworkers that do not acknowledge Him?

Go Along to Get Along

The Bible instructs followers of Jesus to live “in the world, but not be of it.” At the same time, Christians are called to engage the world with the message of Jesus. How do we navigate that tricky line?

Choose Your Kingdom

In one of the most famous stories in the Bible, three men are given a clear choice between honoring God or honoring their earthly king. Their decision would certainly change their lives, but it would also impact an empire. How can honoring God in even a small thing do that in our world?

Love Your Enemy

In the charged climate we live in, it is not enough to merely disagree with someone, we have to vilify and destroy them in order to claim a victory. But is this the model the Bible sets forth for us, even when dealing with those who oppose God’s own teaching?

Only God is God

One of the toughest parts of believing in the God of the Bible is not what he does, but what he appears not to do. While what the Bible calls “sin” is apparent all around us, it doesn’t seem like God is doing anything about it. What is really going on?

God's Got This

We may have sung, "He's got the whole world in his hands," when we were children, but do we actually live like we believe it? Join us as we learn about Daniel's unwavering confidence in God in the face of difficulties.

See the Unseen

"Every great story displays a cosmic war between good and evil playing out in dark alleys and secret locations, with the forces of good riding in at the ninth hour to snag victory from the jaws of defeat. But the reality is much more interesting, and we are living in the middle of it."