The Way Sermons

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The Way to Live

Many things in our world compete for our attention, all of them offering a way to define ourselves and live a fulfilling life. Philosophies and religions have tried to offer answers for centuries. More recently, celebrities, diets and exercise routines have tried to make us disciples of their respective pathway. But there is still only One who has the words of life, and He is the only one to whom we should go.

The Way To a Great Marriage

“All you need is love,” makes for great song lyrics, but not the best relationship advice. The Bible prescribes another way.

The Way to Handle Money

Is there a way to handle money that insures we own it rather than it owning us?

The Way to Parent

God is a good Father who cares for His children and has given us the parent-to-child relationship as a reminder of how the Father loves us. It is his desire that parents are the most Important pastor in the life of their child.

The Way To Have Fun

Over the past few weeks, we have explored what the Bible says about marriage, finances, and parenting. Today, we are going to discover what the Bible says about the way to have fun!

The Way to Disagree

It seems that the days of being able to disagree with someone and yet still find common ground are behind us. As we look at our social media, cable news, and even to our own close relationships, we likely see negative, argumentative and uncivil disagreement ruling the day. God calls us to a different way.