The Invitation Sermons

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Invitation to Trust

The Christmas Story doesn’t start with a journey to Bethlehem, a group of shepherds, or even an angel visiting Mary. It starts with an announcement to a faithful priest offering incense to God in Jerusalem. This announcement was not about the Messiah’s birth, but about the birth of his older cousin. It is an announcement that invites us to trust God’s plan over our preconceived notion of His plan because His plan is always the best plan.

Invitation to Humble Ourselves

If it were up to you to spread the word about the birth of the savior of the entire world, how would you do it? Join us to find out about the best worst media strategy in history and what it teaches us about God's priorities.

Invitation to Worship

What can we learn about worship from the three wise men that came bearing gifts for Jesus? Check out Sunday's message to find out more!