The Heart of Neighboring Sermons

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Answering the Call

“I love my neighbors, right?” Don’t pat yourself on the back too quickly. Jesus once told a story about loving a neighbor who nobody wanted to love and told us to do the same.

It's a Heart Issue

Here we are at the beginning of a brand-new year, again. What will we do differently this year? What lists or commitments have you made already? How hopeful are you that you’ll succeed this year? What if I told you GOD has a desire for you for 2021 and beyond? I pray you come to hear what He told His children long ago, and what Jesus reiterated thousands of years later.

Breaks Barriers

One of the many things Jesus said was that He came to give us life, and this suggests that what we are living, is less than the life He offers. Let’s gather to examine how accepting this invitation into the new life will impact us and those that live around us through breaking the barriers that separate us.

Receiving Our Neighbors

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors without any secondary motive. We aren’t called to convert them to Christianity but to simply love them because we love God. Even if they never come to know Jesus loving them well is a worthwhile endeavor that will further His kingdom in wonderful and unexpected ways.

Like a Good Neighbor

We’re all taught that there is a right way to any & everything. From cleaning our rooms, to baking a cake, to driving, even to how to read the Bible, but how of you were taught how to be a good neighbor, and what school did you learn that? If you are like me, and many others learning to be a good neighbor takes to the tutelage of a great one, so let’s all humble ourselves to follow the Lead of Jesus to loving & forgiving others like He does.