The Great ADVENTure Sermons

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Have you ever found it hard to keep hope alive? God’s people had almost lost hope the Messiah would ever come. Find out what they hoped he would do and why it was so important they keep their hope in him alive.

The Gift of Peace

Of all the things that we could all use more of, it would be more GOOD NEWS & PEACE, but it seems we get everything but those. PEACE has been hard to come by for some since the start of the pandemic. Come this Sunday to understand what is the PEACE the prophesied Christ was to bring, and what was gift of PEACE Christ offers to each of us that believes.

The Gift of Love

In a few weeks we will all celebrate the day that God’s wonderful plan to show His unconditional love to His creation came in human form. This day we call Christmas represents the arrival of the baby who would become the man that proved that the father Loves us and would provide the model for us to love others. This Christmas will you focus on this Love or will you allow the world to sell you a cheap imitation?

The Gift of Joy

At Christmas, we talk about joy a lot. Often circumstances steal our joy. How can we get and maintain the joy of Jesus? Let’s learn what Jesus taught his disciples about joy.

Worship from the Living Room

Most of, if not all the presents have been opened…..Christ is or was aptly celebrated and now we look forward to a whole new year but to what end? If there’s anything we should’ve all learned in 2020 & 2021 we are uncertain of more things than we are certain of, so how do we approach 2022? Let’s gather to simply reflect & rejoice off of the GOODNESS of GOD in 2021, and look to intentionally grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and people in 2022.