The Gospel, What Is It? Sermons

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Where is it in the Bible?

Location, Location, Location is what they say matters.....and you'd think with all the technology at our disposal that we can pick the perfect location (to live, work, play, and raise our kid(s)). They say preach the Gospel. They say we must live out the gospel! They say we should have a Gospel-centered life…..well can somebody simply articulate WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? Join us as we take the next 7 weeks to clearly learn about THE GOSPEL beginning with where does it actually appear in the Bible.

God the Creator

We like to think we are more advanced than ancient cultures but are we? Find out how we get stuck in ancient ways of relating to God and why a biblical understanding of God is essential to the gospel.

Man the Sinner

All of mankind suffers from a disease. This disease is known as sin and its symptoms are evident in the individual sins we see all around us as well as in our own mirrors. Sin is serious and keeps us from experiencing the amazing fellowship with our creator that was seen in the Garden. As with any disease you have to know you have it before you can treat it and in order to know you have it, you have to know what it is... Confused yet? Join us for a check-up this week as we explore the impact of our sin.

Jesus Our Savior

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament that seemed impossible to get out of? So, how did you get out of it? Chances are as you read this you have been flooded with memories of how you got out of... and our sin problem is bigger than us, and it takes Savior to deliver us from ourselves and our sin. Join us this week to learn more about Jesus the Savior.

Our Response

Can you imagine leaving an amazing gift unopened or the dream job offer unanswered? If you did either of those you would be, rightly, considered crazy! Yet so many people fail to respond to the great gift and mission that God has offered to His creation. This week we will explore our response to God’s solution to our sin problem. Have you Responded? Do you respond daily?

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

What the Gospel is not!

Have you ever been deceived before? Remember how you felt when you recognized what you thought was true, was a complete and utter farce? Even in the Gospel narrative we have an enemy that really wants us to choose a more comfortable Gospel, but at what price and ultimate cost? Come learn with us, the differences between THE GOSPEL, and the different ones lurking out there that lead us away from the cross of Christ.

Q & A

We've been in this series for now 7 weeks, and now we want to have a discussion behind now that we know what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is, we want to work through how to put it altogether and live it out. Join us in person, and online for an engaging discussion.