Romans in Reverse Sermons

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Phoebe & We

Part of our vision statement says, As an intentional multicultural community, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will passionately pursue... and while it may seem like a noble statement, it’s as old as the first NT Church. So as the church, we are called to bring the GOSPEL of PEACE to a hostile and divisive world and there’s no better book to learn that from than Romans. Join us as we walk backwards through it to learn how to bring His message of hope and healing to our current culture.

Acknowledging the Strong and the Weak

What do you do when two groups that seem to be diametrically opposed to one another, but they really need each and struggle to see it? Paul wrote a letter to the mutli-ethnic house churches in Rome that helped them refocus and move to mutual respect, unity, and peace as spiritual siblings.


Romans has always been considered challenging theologically. Was that Paul’s intent? Scot McNight, New Testament scholar and author of Reading Romans Backwards says “Romans is about theology, but it isn’t mere theology…the theology of Romans is about a way of life, about lived theology.” As we pursue “loving relationships with God and the people His son Jesus died for” it is vital that we learn to live out our faith in practical ways. We will only do this well as we are transformed to be more like Jesus. Transformed people let go of privilege, power, and preference, putting the needs of their neighbors before their own.

Christoformity Part II

Have you ever heard of the statement “That’s easy for you to say, and harder for me to do”? Well, the Christian walk is not a cakewalk and it’s full of challenging statements & hard teachings of Jesus that we can say that about. Nevertheless, the expectation for us to apply them to our everyday living doesn’t change. Come this Sunday to discover what did it mean really to love one’s enemies and what does that look like for us today.

The End of the Law

What if trying to be good actually got in the way of what Jesus came to do? What if the harder we chase after righteousness we were actually getting further away from it? Come and accept the risk of the free and radical favor of God in Jesus.

Three Questions

Sure, the Jewish nations was GOD’s chosen people, but what does that mean for those of us that have come into the FAITH, without having a JEWISH heritage? DID JESUS make any difference for those of us that are not born JEWISH? The better question might be is GOD the FATHER and CREATOR of us all, and does HE still have a favorite?

Louder for Those in the Back

As we prepare to wrap up Romans in Reverse what have we learned? This week we will explore how Paul served as the bridge between the Strong and the Weak while being challenged to a lived theology that focuses on intentionally loving God and Loving others!