Prayers that Avail Sermons

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Prayer for Blessing

Whether you prayed for a blessing, or not do you realize that we are blessed? As we RE-GATHER, we believe it’s important to take the summer to simply begin or continue a spiritual discipline that will be necessary for each of us as we figure out this new normal. I pray you consider praying PRAYERS THAT AVAIL the challenges of life.

Prayer for Guidance

No one, I mean no one likes to be lost. Whether that’s moving to a new school, job, or city we find comfort in being familiar with where we are. One could argue we are back here as a country and culture because we are lost, so let’s gather to pray for God’s guidance.

Celebration Sunday

East Lake celebrates God's faithfulness in times of uncertainty.

Teach Us to Pray

The Lord's Prayer

Prayer for Boldness

Our courage is reliant on the biblical grounding of our prayers in God’s ultimate sovereignty. Our relationship with GOD has to become THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP in our life or we’ll lose.

Prayer for Justice

How do we pray when the news goes from bad to worse and the future is unknown? Come and learn from Habakkuk how to align yourself with God’s plan and live in his grace.

Prayer for Deliverance

There are times in our lives when we may not understand why God has placed a mountain in front of us. Often, we look for the safe path or try to skip the journey all together. The reality is God simply wants us to find our safety in climbing the mountain. Habakkuk shows us that true safety comes from following the Lord and embracing His plans.

Prayer for the Sins of a Nation

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did what they were supposed to? Have you ever just wanted to shake the crazy out of someone? If we can begin to see our own vulnerabilities and tendencies, with the help of God we can repent and get back to God’s best. Join us as we learn to treat our problems instead of the symptoms.

Prayers for the Sins of a Nation (2)

James 5:16…….says the prayers of a righteous man avail/accomplish much. Throughout the Bible we see examples of how when God's people prayed amazing things happened. What if we became known as a church that prayed, and people witnessed God moving in might ways as we prayed?