King Me Sermons

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He is the prototype of a Godly man, a great king, and a strategic leader. Still, he was an unlikely choice, and his path to success was marked by difficulty. Join us as we begin a brand new series by looking at the life of David.


We've all felt the excitement of starting a new job, a workout program, a home project, or even a new relationship. We're also all familiar with the challenges that come with finishing well. The life of King Solomon serves as a cautionary tale that no matter how well you begin, it really only matters how you end.


Imagine being handed wealth, fame, power and responsibility straight from God Himself. What would you do with it? Would you choose to honor the One who gave it to you, or to use it for your own selfish gain? King Jeroboam faced just such a choice and this week we will look at how he handled it.


We all know that the Bible tells us to obey God, but why? What is the point of obedience? Is God just an egomaniac who demands obedience or else?


While Manasseh is one of a long line of idolatrous kings, it is the depravity in his reign that drives God to declare irrevocable judgment on Judah. His life is marked by incredible evil, including the slaughter of God's prophets. Could anything redeemable come from such a wicked king?


We all love a good listener. We understand that when someone listens well, they are doing far more than hearing the words coming out of our mouth- they seem to always know how to respond. Check out this week's message to learn about a king who listened and responded well to the word of God.


This week, we close our King Me series on Easter by celebrating the King of Kings. But what good is a king, anyway? And why should anyone rule over your life besides you?