I Dare You Sermons

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Say Yes to Jesus!

It has been said that everyone has a price. Jesus approached a band of misfits and presented them with a dare to follow Him and turn the world upside down. What would it take for you to seriously follow Jesus?

Trust God with your finances.

God Loves a cheerful giver and yet statistics show us that the last area a follower of Christ submits to Jesus is their finances. Why is this area of our lives so difficult to release to Him? Is it possible that we misunderstand how the power of the Gospel is unleashed when we recognize His ownership of everything?

To Seek God, To Pray, To Fast

Prayer is arguably the most important discipline we engage in as Christ followers. It is also intimidating, misunderstood, and even exploited. Yet, if we understand it correctly, it is simple, effective, and centering. Join us and learn that Jesus taught prayer was intensely practical. Understand what to expect when you pray and discover how fasting can help you to stay focused in prayer.

Don't Worry

We have enough worries to last us a lifetime, but surely, we don’t want to spend our lifetimes worrying, so what should we do with them? I DARE YOU to log on, tune in this coming Sunday to trade your worries for God’s peace.

To Pass the Test

Remember the Emergency Broadcasting System that would come on while you were watching your favorite TV show, totally interrupting what you were dedicated to focusing on?