Gracism Sermons

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The Talk: Racism to Gracism

This week, we will begin our series with the end in mind by looking at the book of Revelations. We will explore a beautiful picture of people from every color, class, and culture worshipping together at the throne of God. We must keep this God-given picture in mind when we pray the way Jesus instructed: "Let your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Join us as we begin to unpack what it looks like to be a diverse and grace-filled people, reflective of the very heart of God.

I Will Lift You Up

There is a cost to everything in life. Loving your neighbor like you love yourself will cost you, too. But how much? Check out Sunday's message and join us as we continue to unpack what it looks like to be a diverse and grace-filled people, reflective of the very heart of God.

I Will Cover You

What's their problem? Don’t you sometimes think that things would be a little better if they would just think or act a little more like us? Check out Sunday's message to explore why the Bible says this way of thinking is actually part of the problem and not the solution.

I Will Share With You

What’s your favorite? Whether we are talking about food, sports teams, or a myriad of other topics, the reality is we all have favorites. The great news is that having favorites is human nature. However, when we allow favoritism to influence our interactions with others, we are in danger of creating a culture that is contrary to Gracism. This week we will explore how we can live out what it looks like to create an “I will share with you” culture here at East Lake.

I Will Honor You

This weekend, we honor our country's heroes for their sacrificial service. As we recognize our veterans, we will unpack the ways that Gracism invites us to honor the lowliest in our society, as well. Check out Sunday's message and join us as we learn how we can glorify God by honoring one another.

I Will Stand With You

Jesus stood with people who were marginalized: tax collectors, women, foreigners, and lepers. Join us as we explore how to imitate His example by standing with people who are not like us.

I Will Consider You

This week, we'll take a look at King David's example of extravagant grace and learn what it means to consider others like a true Gracist.

I Will Celebrate You

This week, Gracism author and President of the BridgeLeader Network, Dr. David Anderson, joins us to unpack the final saying of a Gracist: I will celebrate you.

The Talk

What would it be like if there was a diverse group of people that actually all agreed on the premise that JESUS is the WAY TO GOD, JESUS IS GOD, and the BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD while addressing issues regarding RACISM, SEXISM, CLASSISM, AGEISM and every other ism? We believe it would be a colorful community of GRACISTS. People who intentionally extended positive favor to other people regardless of, and sometimes because of their color, class, or culture.

I Will Lift You Up.

Have you ever been helped by a stranger? It is one of the oddest things, and at the same time encouraging that someone cared enough to see you and come to your aid. Gracists are called to see those in need of lifting, and to be the lifters as Christ has been to each of us. Join us as we look to Christ’s example of how we partner with him in lifting one another up.

I Will Cover You.

In a world that idolizes tearing the other side down and winning an argument at all costs we need disciples who treat people with dignity, honor, and respect. Imagine a church where everyone has a seat at the table where we offer scandalous grace to each other to ensure that everyone knows they have equal value? That’s the world that is created when Christians decide to live out the second saying of a Gracist: “I will Cover You”.

I Will Share with You.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and sometimes it feels unfair when I am asked to give something of mine to someone who needs it. Whether it’s my time, my stuff, or my money – it's all valuable to me. Does God really expect me to say, “I will share with you” to everyone who comes my way?

I Will Honor You.

As humans we tend to honor the successful, elite, and powerful but Jesus came to turn that thinking upside down. His kingdom is a kingdom of the lowly, downtrodden, and powerless; in other words, each of us. Join us as we explore the fourth saying of a Gracist: I will honor you.

I Will Stand With You.

The 5th Saying of a Gracist is one that every living, breathing organism and organization cries for, and that is for someone to stand with them, so that they aren’t left to stand alone. We were made for community, and a Gracist desires to be apart of God’s redemptive plan for all of creation. Come this Sunday to hear, how JESUS stood for us, and our only proper response is to STAND with those who are the one’s He stood for.

I Will Consider You.

The 6th Saying of a Gracist asks us to hearken back and take the posture of Christ, where He thought more of us, and sacrificed His very life for us, than He thought about His own comfort or self. Join us as Dr. David Anderson, the author of Gracism, Letters Across the Divide, Multicultural Ministry and other titles, walks us through how to be a growing body considering those inside it, as well as those who will be engrafted as we continue to make disciples of all nations.

I Will Celebrate With You.

It is one thing to be nice to people around us, it is another thing to celebrate them! During our Gracism series, we have shared a lot of ways we can all love people well. In this final week we will talk about what it means to celebrate another person and getting rid of barriers that keep us from celebration.