GrAttitude Adjustment Sermons

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GrAttitude Adjustment

When you move there’s a moment of clarity and terror that you realize you need to decide what stays and what goes (or get sold) because you realize it’s ridiculous to think you need to take it all. If this is true of stuff, what about life? What is that you value enough that you want to take with you vs what are you completely ok with leaving or giving away? Join us as we kick off our New Year’s series GR-ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT where we learn how to grow in contentment.

Skewed Scarcity

Just a week ago, Jesus instructed the first century followers to not concern themselves with certain things, and maybe you don’t worry about food, shelter, and clothes because you have those things, but what is it that you have so much of, and feel you have to keep a stockpile because what if…….? Let’s gather to remember our FATHER owns it all, has it all, and gives to His children liberally according to their need.

My Portion

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop working so hard and worrying so much to “get what’s mine”? Psalm 16 provides the secret to exiting life in the fast lane and parking ourselves in gratitude and contentment.

Integrity and Me

Integrity and Me.

We Got Options

God is as good to us, as He was with Adam & Eve. He provided for them a wonderful and bountifully blessed existence, and He never once forced them to choose Him. The same applies to each of us, contrary to what culture might communicate we aren’t faced with GOD being our only CHOICE in this life, we actually GOT OPTIONS…the question is though, who/what will you choose?