Give Peace a Chance Sermons

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Peace on Earth

PEACE is one of the most popular words during the holidays. We sing about it in Christmas songs. We say we want it and design our gatherings around it. But why does it seem like peace is in such short supply during the holidays? And what can we do about it?

You Don't Have to Defend Yourself

The world teaches that vindication and power will bring peace to those who suffer. However, the Bible teaches that true peace is only found when we cultivate attitudes that come as a result of full submission to God. How can we truly live out this upside-down concept?

We Are Bringers of Peace

We all want peace over the holidays, but did you know that we are ultimately responsible for purposely bringing it into situations? This week, we will learn how.

Peace with a Sword

Jesus is called “The Prince of Peace,” so we expect His presence to be a peaceful one. But His words and presence were often anything but peaceful. In fact, by His own admission, He “did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” How can that idea help us find peace during the holidays? Check out today's message as we unpack Jesus' words from Matthew 10.