Gifted Sermons

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Gifted by God

Have you ever been to a concert, or a college or professional sporting event and simply marveled at the talent or skill an individual displayed? If you're anything like me, you probably said, "If I had that........I'd....." You may not have a voice worthy of a record deal, nor the physical athletic ability that has you being recruited for a team, but what you do have is of eternal value, and it's a gift that the Creator of the universe gave you on purpose. I pray you join us in the this short series about spiritual gifts.

Gifted to Serve

For many, following Jesus is about going to Heaven when we die. But what if God created each of us on purpose for a purpose here on earth, right now? How might it change your perspective of yourself and your life if God handpicked you to accomplish a special mission?

Gifted to Give

So far in this series we have been learning that we were created as God’s masterpiece on purpose with a purpose and for a purpose. This week we close the series with an attitude check about how we manage the gifts and resources God gives us. Are we cheerful willing givers who recognize His ownership or do we hold back and rob ourselves of blessings?