Flipping the Script Sermons

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The Joy in Suffering

Life is hard, and you don’t have to look far to discover that. Whether it’s our personal health, or the health of people we love, or the health of our marriages and relationships they all have challenges because each of us are broken people. So, when faced with life’s challenges how do we find and keep the joy, that is supposed to be our strength? I pray you commit to coming each week to learn how to find, keep, and maintain the joy in suffering, unity, community, and even giving! Let’s commit to studying through the book of Philippians and Flipping the Script!

Joy in Unity

Paul challenges the church at Philippi (and us) to live in the Joy available through Christ. Join us as we explore the keys to living in that Joy now matter our circumstance and how we can bridge builders who follow Jesus as we choose His joy in serving others.