Family Game Night Sermons

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Telestrations is the modern-day depictions of the telephone game where we are challenged to communicate the original communicators message to others. Christ called us to follow Him, become and make disciples, but is that what we’ve made to date? We unpack what really is a disciple, and what do they do?


I don’t know about you, but I play Monopoly for keeps. I mean I need to get all the Rail Roads, the two blocks besides DO NOT PASS GO, catch my strategy. But if I live that way, is the love of Christ really in me? We look at how winning in Christ looks very differently than winning in Monopoly.


In the game Sorry the goal is to move all of your pieces from your home to your safe zone. Along the way your opponents are looking to knock you back home, they accomplish this by collecting the Sorry card then uttering the empty phrase: I’m Sorry while celebrating your defeat. Much like in the game we live in a world of cheap empty apologies. It seems we can’t turn on the News or social media without seeing some public figure saying “I’m Sorry” …… The problem is simply saying “I’m Sorry” to make yourself feel better never seems to make things right. Disciples of Christ need to move beyond empty apologies and start walking along the road of true forgiveness and repentance.

Chutes & Ladders

We discover the joy of getting ahead at a young age. Chutes and Ladders is played in families with preschoolers and they love getting to go up the ladder but dislike the reverse. But what if there are lessons to be learned at the bottom of the chute? Jesus came and turned the world upside down. In his kingdom, the first are last, the servants are leaders, and He takes bad and makes it good. How do we orient ourselves in his kingdom when it is so different than our nature and our culture?