FOOL'ISH Sermons

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The Purpose of Proverbs

It’s been said wisdom is one of the most precious things we can possess. It was so precious that King Solomon when asked by God, what can I give you…he named wisdom. He would author much of the books in the Bible considered the Wisdom Books, so where do you go for wisdom? Is there a person, or a reliable source that is your go to??? I pray you consider joining us for this fun summer series, because life’s to short to live it foolishly!

The Value of Wisdom

What is the most valuable thing you own? What makes it mean so much to you? As we learned last week amidst a many options that Solomon could've asked for from the LORD, he chose wisdom. Join us this Sunday to find out why WISDOM was such a high priority for Solomon, and why it should be for us, too!

A Tale of Women

“Have you ever had trouble knowing the difference between what you should do and what you shouldn’t do? Proverbs 9 asks us to ponder what we can do when wisdom and foolishness look and sound the same.

The Wisdom of a Father

We all desire wisdom but very often don’t want to do what it takes to attain it. We must accept the reality of discipline if we want to experience and live-in true wisdom. Sadly, we often run from this discipline and harden our hearts. This Father’s Day we will be challenged to see discipline through the eyes of our heavenly father and discover how to apply it to our lives and parenting.

The Way of Wisdom

In everything by divine design, how we do things are reduced to a RIGHT WAY and a WRONG WAY to do things. Whether that thing is changing oil, performing a surgery, teaching a lesson, baking cookies or a cake, and living this gift called life is no different. The question which WAY would our friends, families, or maybe the Father would say we’ve chosen? Join us as learn from Solomon & JESUS how to know which WAY we are to choose in a world that preaches there are many paths.

The Wisdom of Trusting

Over the last five weeks we have learned a great deal about God’s wisdom: We have learned that it is the only true wisdom, that we live in a classroom called life that is meant to help us choose joy, that wisdom and folly compete for our hearts, and most recently that we need to choose our Path. This week we will explore what it looks like to acknowledge God and walk on His straight, yet sometimes difficult, path.

The Wisdom of One Man & One Woman

“Every choice is a spiritual choice with spiritual consequences - to walk inside or outside of God’s boundaries. What does this mean for our enjoyment of sex?”

The Gift of Perspective of Wisdom

How do you apply 8 weeks of information regarding the cost, value, way, trusting in,......... and the boundaries of Wisdom? The same you learned to apply 16+ years of life lessons before you actually moved out of your parents home and began the process of becoming an adult: humbling yourself. We hope you join us as we wrap up this much needed series.