East Lake Community Church Sermons

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How to Live Victoriously During Difficult Times

We understand that difficult times are a part of life, but what is God's purpose in suffering and how should we respond in the midst of it? Thankfully, God isn't silent on this topic. Read today's verses from YouVersion or in one of the Bibles we provide.

Diagnosing Stuckness

Read today's verses from Luke 24:13-35 on YouVersion or on page 738 in the Bibles we provide.


We love to celebrate diversity in the family of God. Take a quick look around on a Sunday morning and you'll notice people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and political views. No matter how different everyone in this family appears, we each have something very special in common; we were adopted. Read today's verses from Romans 8:14-17 on YouVersion or in the Bibles we provide.


When the going gets tough, the tough…surrender? What if God wants us to pass through our trials instead of resist them? Today we will look at a king from the Bible who surrendered when others chose to stand and fight. In a unique twist, his surrender turned out to be his salvation. Read today's verses Jeremiah 21:8-10 on YouVersion or on page 532 in the Bibles we provide.

Missions Sunday

Serving the needy and sharing the love of Jesus with others is close to the heart of God. For this reason, missionaries have long been among the most esteemed and respected people in the church. But how does missions work apply to those of us who are not called to full time missions? Read today's verses from Matthew 28:16-20 on YouVersion or on page 681 in the Bibles we provide.

Hearing the Voice of God

People of faith will often claim that God "told" them to do or not do something. While we see God speaking to people in the Bible, what does that mean for us today? Is it possible that God speaks to us now? What is he saying and how do we hear him?

Impact Sunday

Knowing God personally empowers us to share His love generously with others- in our community and around the world.