Bless Your Heart Sermons

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The Poor

If Jesus lived in South Carolina, what would He observe in our culture, way of thinking, living, and serving? Would he say, “Bless your heart?" Check out Sunday's message to hear the first message of our new series exploring the Beatitudes.

The Meek

In a world where Strength is seen as the ultimate goal words like meek appear to signal weakness. However, in God’s economy, it is in meekness that we see true strength. Jesus challenges His followers to live a Spirit-led, self-controlled, and gentle life that focuses on Kingdom values over personal power or success.

The Mourners, the Hungry, and the Thirsty

How can mourning be "blessed"? This Beatitude challenges our traditional understanding of this familiar part of Jesus' teaching. How can our pursuit of happiness sometimes get in the way of our pursuit of what God wants to give us?

What is Love?

In Luke 6 we read a different accounting of the Beatitudes except after detailing the list we see in Matthew the focus shifts to the topic of love. This week we will explore a letter written by Paul to his friends in Corinth that gives us a heavenly perspective on the power of love that is stronger than any emotion.

The Pure in Heart

We live in a world of constant stimulation. Every day we contend with a 24-hour news cycle that reminds us of how lost our world is, the barrage of Social media posts that paint false pictures of people’s lives, and endless opportunities to choose sin. How can we ensure that we remain pure at heart amid all the chaos in this fallen world? We must learn to run to God and allow Him to redirect our focus to what is truly important: HIM!

The Merciful

Why is it so easy to notice other people's faults and completely disregard our own? Why is it so easy to overlook other people's needs and so easy to see our own? Are we thankful life is not fair? Should we be? Join the discussion this Sunday as we celebrate our need for each other.

The Peacemakers

Peacemaking has become more popular than the clarion call to believers to be peacemakers. As our nation continues to show more signs of disunity than unity, let's unpack what it means for us to be the peacemakers Jesus said are Blessed.

The Persecuted

Jesus says we are blessed when we are persecuted, but the line to check that out is always short, and volunteers are few. What is it, about following Him that garners His encouragement for the persecuted? Come check out the why and be encouraged for the week!