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About East Lake

Founded in 1997, East Lake is a non-denominational church that believes the most important thing we do is to teach the Bible creatively and to drive people toward life change. We are not here to play church but to take off our masks and help one another deal with the reality of living in a broken world. We have found that when we take hold of the love God has given to us through Jesus, we are able to reach out and share that love with our community. Our greatest joy is seeing people's lives transformed so that they join us in handling today's challenges with new power and hope through the Holy Spirit.


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First-Time Visitors

Sunday Services
Sunday services start promptly at 9:30 and 11 a.m.
We dress casually. Wear a tie if you want us to know you are a visitor.
Children's Ministry
Our children’s ministry is fantastic. We strongly recommend all children attend classes while adults are in the Sunday service so everyone can get the most out of that hour. Checking in for the first time generally takes less than five minutes; after that, 30 seconds. When you check your child in, you will receive a number we will use to page you from the adult service should your child need you.
Sunday's Message
Our messages are always based on a passage from the Bible. If you don’t have one, you can take one of ours as you walk in. A lot of us use a Bible app called YouVersion and access it on our phones or devices using the church’s free wifi.
Sunday's Worship
We use a variety of music styles in our worship, but predominately you can expect to hear contemporary Christian rock. Hint: sound is loudest near the back wall; we do provide ear plugs.


We are overseen by a board of elders that we call the O Team. Men and women are elected from among our partners to serve on this team.
Women at East Lake
Women participate fully in the leading and teaching of our church.
Communion and Baptism
We offer communion and immersion baptism about once a month.
East Lake Volunteers
We require all volunteers to pass a background check before serving.
Sunday School
We do not offer adult Sunday school, but adult small groups meet throughout the week for Bible study and social connection; many of them meet on Sunday nights.